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Life starts unravelling long before we notice it. It is only when we sit down, years from when the first domino fell, the first cut in the tapestry, the first pull of the thread, the first push into a collision course that we see it. When we see it, though, we cannot do much about it but remark on it. That is all there is to it. That is all there is to do with the past. We can remember it, but life must be lived forward. There is barely any cause and effect to life. This intricate web of destiny, this winding maze, only tells us one thing: nothing causes anything, and most that happens, happens for so many reasons at the same time, you might say there is no reason at all. If there is, we cannot be the sole judges of any of it.

But there is one thing we can decide for ourselves: we can continue walking.

Life starts growing like a vine that does not need permission to climb up the pipes, fences, walls and lattices until you see nothing but green all over the house as if it was always there and a verdant paradise of plenty. The human ability to forget should not be underestimated! While sometimes, vines are let loose intentionally and given a hand, in most cases, nature finds a way. Abundance is the only language nature speaks if you allow it time. With time, my life has grown remarkably in ways I did not, could not have imagined when the unravelling first began. And since I started walking, quite like the vine, I have grown forward and forward only to arrive here with happiness in my heart and a sense of peace I cannot put into words.

As I make camp in this little clearing full of green, I realise I have walked incredibly far.

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