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I have a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde situation. There is someone in me who looks at the world like it’s a puzzle full of problems. He’s the pragmatic one who follows calendars, ticks things off the to-do lists, plans his days, makes sure he’s doing everything right and takes the stairs instead of the elevator. You get the idea. He’s the guy who has thirty-three clothes in his closet. The other one, well, he consumes coffee by the litres, walks around the city while listening to music cluelessly. He loves art, conversation, and everything else you can’t put a price on. He’s the guy who sits on benches in parks or walks over bridges both literal and figurative. He’s the guy who’s probably writing these words. Both of them know the other exists; both of them are constantly fighting for dominance. It’s a war that has been waged inside me for years, and I’m not sure if it’s over yet.

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