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I think when people say your 20s are the most important years, they aren’t exaggerating. I’ve just spent a year or so in the bracket and there is an ever-present uncertainty. However, with that uncertainty comes a lot of energy and opportunity.

So, it feels like everyone is doing a lot and yet, it feels like none of it is going anywhere. This is perhaps the time of our lives where everything changes quickly; interests, majors, jobs, passions, lovers, habits, everything.

We’re at our most malleable and yet, we don’t lack identity like we did when we were kids or rebellious adolescents. We’ve made a rough sketch, perhaps a line art of the final thing and we’re working on the picture, slowly yet steadily.

Every day is a roller-coaster and the peculiar thing is that you don’t know what coaster you’re on until it’s dusk and the day descends to its end. It is then that you realise whether the ride was worth it or not. Then, you wake up again, buy a ticket again, get on the coaster again and be surprised again.

It’s uncertain. It’s exciting. It could be amazing. It could be devastating. The catch is that you’ll only know once you’re through with it.

That’s what I believe. I’m not sure what will happen. Who is, right?

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