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I did not want to wake up yet, but then it began raining outside. I felt in me a sudden happiness. The same happiness I find in myself when I look at flowers now, or perhaps, trees and even a wedge of sunlight in the room. And so I got up and out of bed, made some coffee, and walked over the cold comfort of the moist grass for a good ten minutes. The past has a terrible way of masking the little joys of life. It isn’t until we’re all here in the present, feet on the grass as it rains outside, no matter how wet the grass is or how slippery, that we realise what we have missed. It is impossible to be happy, though, if we don’t get out of bed. We have to permit ourselves to smile. So what if some things did not go per plan? It is only life. The scaffolding around our dreams is never as steady as we’d want it to be—it does not mean we stop building; it only means something is being built.

They are building a library in town. At least, from what I could see and read. I do not much know about these affairs of the world. They often use the wrong words for things. It isn’t until when something is built that you see the error. They often use love when they only mean fondness, for example, and empires, kingdoms have collapsed because of these errors—what is a life in comparison? There have always been more Lancelots than there have been Arthurs. Only that there are fewer stories. As I catch the lamentation catching up with me, I look at the hills ahead. The morning shower has drawn a sheet over the valley—a gradient of colour, the details of which I will never remember as accurately as I want to—but it makes me happy to wake up to this sight. It makes me happy to wake up at all.

It was imperative to live in this way—to have within ourselves a light that always pointed toward the flowers, the sun, the rain, and the little joys this life had to offer! The murmuration of unbuilt dreams and libraries often caught up with us. It is important to remind ourselves the day has just begun, that there is work to do still. After all, there are libraries to build and dreams to fulfil.

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