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I don’t need more than a blue sky to make me happy. We need a lot in life, naturally, but to be happy, the sky does the job well. There has been an odd sort of indulgence in my life lately. I believe this happens once we learn to let things be; I have seen many others go down this path earlier, and it did not make much sense to me then. Now, however, I understand. I once was deeply in love with someone who went through similar motions. I could not quite comprehend what they felt at the moment—not that I loved them any less or more for it. We do not have to fully understand people to love them. We love them, and we understand what we can. Beyond that, our only job is to not hold them back—the love takes care of that—so long as we don’t force our world onto theirs.

This indulgence I mentioned has me lost in a daze of absolute pleasure and happiness. I never knew life could be so giving, so overflowing with the little joys that never end. The other day, at lunch with a friend, the french fries on our table were served rather hot. I did not see a point in waiting for them to get cold. It burned my mouth. I was glad for it. It was a delectable decision. It’s been the same for so much lately; I see so much now. I now know how this and only this is the solution to living life—this immersion, this dive, this permissiveness; to let things destroy you was the only way to enjoy them. There’s a whole world I was missing out on—an entire city within a city. It is a simple observation, but if we were to catch ourselves at any moment where nothing was devastatingly wrong, even if the moment was filled with some general irritant of the everyday, who was to stop us from smiling?

I’ve started to notice this a lot. If there’s no frown on my face, why not smile instead? There is no reason not to, and perhaps, many excuses to do just that—the flowers, the people, the coffee, the food, the music, the laughter, the life. If nothing else, the blue sky is worth smiling about on its own. I am here; I am still here under the sky; what more could I want?