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You will hate your coffee for a few months, and then one day, you won’t. You will despise the town you grew up in for years, and then one day, you will want nothing but to stay there. Not right now, no; you will long for a town that does not exist, a beach you’ve never visited, a hill you cannot climb. Then, one day, it will occur to you; you’ve been taking yourself wherever you’ve gone. That was how it played out for most of us. The pain changed nothing. It only made us lose time. It did not stop until we did for a second and looked around. It was when we realised: the coffee waits for us, and so will the town. Things break, and then we fix them. Things happen, so get on with it.

Times don’t change. Time passes. The change has to come from us. This was the tipping point of all human wisdom. It was seldom followed. This was true for all the history in the world, but most importantly, our unwritten chronicles, yours and mine. We had no time to waste! Don’t dillydally, come along. There are things to fix, new ground to break, more to see, and much more to feel. Let the summer sun enter the cracks you’re trying to cover. Let the serendipity of the city take you by surprise. There is hope yet, and it is waiting for us in the small talk at the bus stop when it’s pouring. It is in how you let someone pass first. It was in how you offered your seat. That is how times changed—one person at a time.

There might come some good out of this yet. Seconds often dictate years. There is all the time in the world if you’re willing. The days are warmer, and the flowers are blooming; best get on the bandwagon. The daisies will not bloom as they have today, the sky will never be this shade of blue again, and this second will never be back. I will never be here this way, and you will never be here quite like you are. Was it not enough? Oh, the birds are finally here; best tell them hello. It was an excellent place to start.

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