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In life, the only constant is the feeling of regret over the handful of mistakes we make; when it came to mistakes, even one was enough. We mull over the very events that shaped us into those who did better, or at least, tried to. I noticed in most people an urge to do better. It wasn’t in all of us, and I had my encounter with all manner of miscreants, but it was present. Just how I could not live a day without meeting a terrible person, I rarely spent any days without coming across a noble one. The memory I chose to go to sleep with dictated what I had to say about the world. And for that, all I could tell anyone was: the world was a gentle place if you gave it a chance, and if it ever feels like it isn’t, it’s calling upon you, passing the baton into your hands. It tells you: it’s your turn today.

If my penchant for walking has taught me anything, it’s that you meet a lot of people on the streets; the more of them you meet, the more you learn how almost all of us are trying to only get through the day. There are days I obsessively think of, moments that haunt me, times I failed to act at the right time or in the right manner, losing the most crucial thing we could possibly lose: people. We could not know our last second with someone. It was important then that we spent it as best as we could, even in times when reconciliation is impossible. To let someone go softly was the only thing I had not learned yet. Not that I have found an opportunity to try since I last held on too tightly.

If it comes to what I hope for, I hope I don’t have to let go at all. I was terribly fond of people, especially all I loved and will love eventually. I hope when the time comes, when I find myself at the crossroads of holding onto someone and letting them go, I hope with all my heart, I make the right choice. The memory of an unseemly farewell was seldom forgotten; all you could do was write about it.

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