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Alright, you’re taking this writing thing seriously. I understand the decision, of course. I’m not sure if you know how it starts to affect you over time. You seem to have made up your mind. Oh, no, no, it’s not about the quality. It’ll never be about that either. So, never think about it.

The whole act of writing is an act of hindsight. You’ll spend a lot of your life in your head. You’ll go over the same days over and over again. It’ll be tough to forget things once you get used to remembering them.

Often, that’ll cause trouble sleeping, so you’ll have to find a line of work to tire yourself out. Something that involves a lot of physical work or a lot of brainpower. Both will knock you out the same. You’ll find your poison, too. It’s coffee for most—half out of need, half out of tribute. Else, there’s always booze.

Most activities that relax others won’t work because everything we do involves words. You won’t be able to ignore words, especially when they form narratives.

Forget watching movies only to laugh; there will always be a line or two you’ll steal. Forget listening to what others listen to without getting inspired to write every minute. You’ll start to enjoy music without words. Reading will never be a hobby to you.

Your friends will become stories. Eventually, everything will boil down to yet another way things go down. You’ll be obsessed with all the ways all things go down.

You’ll begin to stop and stare into blank spaces because they’re the only spaces without any words in them. Blank walls will start lightening you up because you won’t have to think when you look at them. You won’t look at things and not see metaphors in them.

When they ask you to talk about how you feel, you’ll either go on and on into verbose confessions, or you’ll not use your words at all. You will never truly express how you feel, which will feel like a terrible irony. At times, the irony will make you laugh. Not often, though.

Everything will boil down to the next word. It’s as good an art as any, and you’ll meet many phonies along the way, but remember why you started, and you should be good to go.

Welcome to your colourful life in black and white. I hope you have a ball.

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