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Welcome to the new city. I hope you had a good journey and have a place to stay. Here’s a quick guide to building a life here. If you don’t build a life for yourself, one will be built for you. So, it is highly recommended you take control of it all.

First and foremost, what is your poison? This is important for you’ll need to find a cafĂ© or a pub where you shall be a regular. How to be a regular you ask? There’s a bit of a nuance here but it’s rather easy. You start by going into a few places until you fancy any one.

Maybe, it’s the tablecloths that bring you joy or their croissants are out of this world or they have cheap beer. In any case, choose wisely for you’ll spend a lot of time here. You’ll be here when you have the best day of your life or when you’re absolutely heartbroken.

Choosing a place isn’t the only requirement. Always take the same table. Find a favourite, always order it. Once the server suggests your order before you have a chance to smile at them, you know you’re a regular. Now, do you enjoy walking? No? Well, nonetheless, find a favourite street or park.

This will be and is expected to be on your way to your reason for being in the city: work, studies, big dreams without any plans; we allow for everything. Nonetheless, the park or your street, should be on your commute or nearby. That’s the only requirement. Now, this shall be your corner of familiarity in a life that will soon begin.

Thirdly, and most importantly, find one person to laugh with. If you can’t find one person, as it has gone throughout the history of cities, one will be provided for you, eventually. Although, you will have to remain ostensibly honest. In other words, you can make a few stories here and there. That helps make friends.

Cities tend to overwhelm you more often than they don’t. It’s important to have a corner or two. If we’re both honest about it, your plans before you came here are horseshit. Things will change, and you’ll learn to be okay with them.

As long as you have your three keys covered: a place where people know what you like, a place that never changes much and a person to visit those places with, you’ll be fine.

We hope you enjoy your stay here.

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