Bookmark #20

Stop. Stop trying to make sense of things that are obviously bigger than yourself. Stop looking at people through tainted glasses of envy. Stop sabotaging the things you have over those few things you don’t. Stop finding answers to questions you don’t know how to ask. Stop fitting your life in a timeline you can’t mark. Stop looking at icons and idols with starry eyes. Stop becoming an imitation of them. Stop walking endlessly to take a look around. Stop to look at the bird that does a flip as it glides through the sky. Stop whatever you’re doing and savour the moment. Stop taking photos of everything you see and just look. Stop feeling so overwhelmed that you cease to exist. Stop feeling so overburdened to start being free. Stop and take a breath every once in a while. Stop. Stop reading this and go fix what you thought you couldn’t. Stop telling yourself you can’t; you can.

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