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I don’t have much to show for the years I’ve spent here, but I do have one thing to give you. I call it: the art of walking clearly. I believe it’s important to know, if you want to get anywhere.

Always be willing to walk. In life, you never know when you’ll be expected to do so. If you’re needed somewhere, and if walking is all you have, get up and move. Always stop to pet an animal. Always take the scenic route. When you pass others by, smile. If someone bumps into you, apologise, even if they don’t. Shortcuts are great only if you can see them connect. Else, the longest way is the only shortcut.

If you don’t know where you’re going, it pays to ask others. Always know to check directions twice; although, directions can be misleading sometimes. There’s no shame in getting a cab or a bus or anything that gets you there faster. There’s virtue in moving with other people; you can’t always walk alone. If you can’t get a cab or a bus, find the correct direction, and continue walking. If you find one along the way, good for you. Else, you’re halfway there anyway, might as well walk it through.

Avoid dingy lanes and disoriented drunks. You can see both approaching from a distance. Talking about distance, some places will be impossibly far, and should you choose to walk, learn to pace yourself. You don’t want to be tired before you get there. There’s no shame in resting, though. There’s always a bench to rest, too. It may not be immediately visible. If you can’t find a bench, there’s always the pavement or the ground. Never be too proud to not rest on the ground when you need it.

Often, you’ll find someone who’s going your way and is unclear on that stretch of the road. Walk with them. Walk with them knowing that at some point you’ll find a fork in the road. Learn to wish them well when they go their way. Learn to walk alone as much as you can. That’s very important. Another important thing to remember is that you can always walk further than you think you can. Know there’s always a way, even if the path seems blocked.

Oh, and one last thing, always walk as if you have someplace to be, even if you don’t. Any loser can drag their feet.

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