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Hey, kid. I don’t know who you are or what you look like, but if you’re reading this, then you probably know who I am, how I was, and have some clue about the details of my irrelevant life. I wanted to tell you something.

I wonder if you’ve ever been in a brawl with life, and ducked as it threw a punch at you, realising in the heat of the moment that you’ve miscalculated, being hit right in the face. I wonder if you’ve ever gotten up right after with a broken tooth.

I wonder if you’ve ever been pushed down the stairs or been sucker-punched so hard, you don’t forget it for decades to come. I wonder if you’ve ever answered a phone call whilst sitting on the floor, and gone through it reassuring the person on the other side that you got it.

I wonder if you’ve experienced the worst gut-wrenching in the personal history of you, and managed to make someone laugh regardless. I wonder if you’ve managed to write a piece on a terrible day, making someone feel at home as their eyes traversed your words, right after spilling some scorching coffee on yourself.

I wonder if you’ve felt so defeated yet so accomplished in one moment because you managed to help someone with directions on the road, and that was an achievement in itself. I wonder if you’ve talked someone down the ledge you came to jump off from. I wonder if you’ve ever been heartbroken, and made someone smile all within a minute.

I wonder if you’ve been so beaten up, in every sense of the word, and still managed to show up to that friend’s thingamajig, limping. I wonder if when asked whether you’re okay or not, you’ve tirelessly told people that you’re just tired and a little sleep should fix it. I wonder if you’ve always known that sleep does not fix it.

I wonder if you’ve told someone that you got them, and you’re in their corner, and scoffed at how ridiculous it might look if they had the full picture. I wonder if you’ve done all of that because I know that if you’re reading this, and if you know me, you have an odd tendency to do that and more.

I wanted you to know, I got you. I’ll be around. Tell me, if anything I wonder is real, and I promise you, I got you, kid.

I’m in your corner, and I got you.

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