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They often say life is a journey but they never tell you what kind. I seem to have found the answer. Life is like travelling in trains. You take one, then another, and often you miss stations. How did I come to this conclusion, you ask? Well, one tends to fall asleep on a train, only to wake up to a different scenery in a different city, and having missed most of what went on during the time they had dozed off. It is quite similar in life, at least, that’s how it played out for me.

I slept, looking out the window, in a certain winter a couple of years ago, and while I felt the wind on my face and faintly heard people say things as one might do during a journey on the rail, I was barely conscious of where I was going or what was happening or where I was in the first place! The co-passengers changed. I reckon the lot must’ve changed entirely more than once for I woke up only recently. I had been asleep all this time, going where the train took me. I woke up this summer. I woke up in a different city at two in the night.

Just like someone who wakes up on a train, not knowing where they are, shocked, and in the most urgent panic, I walked to the door and looked out. I had missed my station a ways back. In a sudden rush of adrenaline, I decided to get off at whatever station came next, and to correct the course from there on. I splashed some water on my face and I decided to hold my bag and stand near the door.

The good thing about trains is, you can always go from anywhere to anywhere as long as there is a track laid out. I reckon that’s true of life too. The journey seldom has one fixed destination. One can hope they pick their stations right. They’re both very similar in that respect: trains and life. They’re very similar indeed for both tend to work out, eventually, even if you doze off every now and then. As long as you woke up in time for your station or not too far away from it, both worked out just fine.

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