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In life, you don’t need a lot. You need just one person to take a chance on you; one person, that’s all it takes. It could be a lover, a friend, a manager, a stranger, but whoever it is, has put on your shoulders an enormous debt. If you find someone like that, make sure you pay it back. At some point, when you come across someone who requires a teeny bit more effort, a chance, you better take it. They don’t need a lot. They need you, at that moment, taking a chance on them. It’s a cycle. It’s how it all goes, and how it all has gone, and how it will always go. It’s always been just strangers taking a chance on other strangers. It’s the name of the game. We don’t need a lot. We need strangers to trust others, and we need the others to pay that debt back. That’s how generations are made; just a bunch of people taking countless leaps of faith every day; just a bunch of people going all in without looking at the cards. That’s all we need, really. It’s everything we’ve ever needed — strangers trusting strangers.

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