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The world runs on little acts of heroism and honesty. Fuck Netflix, and fuck your Sunday binge. Don’t tell me about a half-assed opinion on a world issue you heard about yesterday on a Youtube video. Tell me about what makes you tick. Tell me it bothers you when the piece of chalk makes an odd sound when it strikes the board sometimes. Tell me about that puppy and that little blister on its back that almost makes you feel real, physical pain when you see it in the morning. Tell me about the bum you sometimes strike a conversation with, and how he smiles at you with his broken teeth. Tell me about how good it makes you feel when you can afford that meal in a fancy restaurant. Stop using the big words, the magnanimous vocabulary, the terms, the terms. Stop the terms. Let them go. We’re all an inch away from hopelessness so stop feeding me your bullshit. I don’t give a shit about being positive all the time, and those jingles, and how the sun shines every day. Love, I take three hours to get out of bed sometimes, and I own it. I know it’s something I have to deal with on a daily basis, and I am positive about it. I am positive I get up. I always get up. So, I don’t deny it by pretending how beautiful the world is because it’s not. The world is ugly; the moments are beautiful, sometimes. We live for the moments. Your obliviousness is annoying. It’s annoying. It’s annoying, and I’m tired. Be honest to yourself. Lend a hand. Help a stranger. Take a flight for a friend. Move. Get up. Fix things. Try again. Fix yourself. Try again. Get up. Do all of that. Do something. Maybe then, maybe just then, I’ll hear about that video, and that issue, and those words filled with sunshine and rainbows but until you have nothing to show for it besides your naivety, spare me the trouble, and swipe left, and swipe left, and swipe left, and keep pretending, and keep pretending, and keep pretending. Keep watching the videos. We’re all an inch away from hopelessness, especially me, so spare me from it, spare me from it all, and let me be. Let me be until you can be heroic, and until you can be honest. I’m not sure if you heard, but the world runs on those, not long words of empty concern.

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